Version 1.101

Change TypeDescription
New FeatureTooltips are added above control panel buttons. Hover over control panel buttons to see more info.
New FeatureIndicator displays in control panel to indicate program status. Green means code is running. Yellow means code is waiting on you for input or to hit next. Grey means code is finished
New FeatureCard now has section named argument which is used to assign it a section for the content view.
New FeatureYou can now use section divider by ***
Quality of LifeMiddle resizer updated to be more reliable.
Quality of LifeMarkdown tables no longer have maximum height
Bug FixLaTeX equations and bullet points are now colored correctly
Bug FixLaTeX equations now remain in-line and stylized in all situations

Version 1.94-1.100

Change TypeDescription
New FeatureCreated @import anchor to import additional config files
New Featureartemis_labs config now creates local config file which you can import using @import
New FeatureYou can now toggle between flow view (cards appear in chronological order) and content view (cards are grouped by section)

Version 1.93

Change TypeDescription
Bug FixFixed missing icons in code archive
Bug FixFixed cards sometimes not being highlighted properly
Bug FixFixed input cards sometimes being called "Variable ..."
Bug FixFixed bug where zoom out button would zoom in actually
Quality Of LifeSystem information card now minimizes by default
Quality Of LifeYou can now put spaces around the = sign for named arguments. Now you can write name=val OR name = val
Quality Of LifeYou can now put commas after the value in a named argument. You can write name=val OR name = val,
New FeatureYou must now use @card to start a new card
New FeatureAdded @delay time=n anchor, which causes an explicit pause for n seconds in code
New FeatureAdded runtime_settings function to config file which allows you to tweak delay, which is the default delay after each anchor
New FeatureAdded FILE and CWD fields, which respectively give you the file name and current working directory
UpdateVersion 1.1 of documentation is released
UpdateCheatsheet has been updated

Version 1.90 / 1.91 / 1.92

Change TypeDescription
Bug FixFixed bug where reload wasn't working

Version 1.88 / 1.89

Change TypeDescription
Bug FixFixed bug where config file was missing

Version 1.87

Change TypeDescription
Bug FixFixed bug where cards would not highlight automatically
Bug FixRemoved print margin on new themes.
Quality Of LifeImprove ability to exit from command line. Sometimes it would hang. No longer the case.
Quality Of LifeCode editor is 100% height now to improve readability.
Quality Of LifeYou are alerted when an archive is generated
New FeatureSettings menu. Customize syntax highlighting scheme, font size, and color scheme. Settings cache on disk and embed into archive.
New FeatureCustom editor themes

Version 1.86

Change TypeDescription
Bug FixInline LaTeX expressions now work again

Version 1.85

Change TypeDescription
New FeatureYou can now color the side of cards to group them.
This new feature is the side-color named arg of @card
Bug FixNewlines work fine in LaTeX now

Version 1.84

Change TypeDescription
Quality Of LifeZoom menu X is now white
Quality Of LifeAllow commas after named arguments
Quality Of LifeLaunching duplicate Artemis instance is prevented and notifies user in console
Quality Of LifeZoom menu now has striped background for empty region
New FeatureZoom now supports text zoom in and out
Bug FixLinkedcode works with @doc now

Version 1.83

Change TypeDescription
Quality of LifeOnly scroll to cards if they're off the screen
Quality of LifeCollapsing cards will not make the card jump up
Quality of LifeUpdated archive name to file_yyyy-m-d_h-m-s.html
Quality of LifeAll docstrings fold now
New FeatureCopy button on cards
New FeatureFields are processed recursively
New FeatureAdded field __LINE__ for line number
Bug FixTables scale properly when expanded
Bug FixIndented code no longer consumes docstrings when folding
Bug FixFixed newline appearing in Latex