Version 1.101

Change TypeDescription
New FeatureTooltips are added above control panel buttons. Hover over control panel buttons to see more info.
New FeatureIndicator displays in control panel to indicate program status. Green means code is running. Yellow means code is waiting on you for input or to hit next. Grey means code is finished
New FeatureCard now has section named argument which is used to assign it a section for the content view.
New FeatureYou can now use section divider by ***
Quality of LifeMiddle resizer updated to be more reliable.
Quality of LifeMarkdown tables no longer have maximum height
Bug FixLaTeX equations and bullet points are now colored correctly
Bug FixLaTeX equations now remain in-line and stylized in all situations

Updated in-line LaTeX formatting
Pip Version: 1.101
Date: 9:27PM 9/10/2022