Version 1.93

Change TypeDescription
Bug FixFixed missing icons in code archive
Bug FixFixed cards sometimes not being highlighted properly
Bug FixFixed input cards sometimes being called "Variable ..."
Bug FixFixed bug where zoom out button would zoom in actually
Quality Of LifeSystem information card now minimizes by default
Quality Of LifeYou can now put spaces around the = sign for named arguments. Now you can write name=val OR name = val
Quality Of LifeYou can now put commas after the value in a named argument. You can write name=val OR name = val,
New FeatureYou must now use @card to start a new card
New FeatureAdded @delay time=n anchor, which causes an explicit pause for n seconds in code
New FeatureAdded runtime_settings function to config file which allows you to tweak delay, which is the default delay after each anchor
New FeatureAdded FILE and CWD fields, which respectively give you the file name and current working directory
UpdateVersion 1.1 of documentation is released
UpdateCheatsheet has been updated

Pip Version: 1.93
Date: 12:47AM 9/5/2022