Artemis at a Glance (Start Here)

Artemis Labs

Artemis is mission control for data science. Our platform helps your team optimize, organize, and manage its workflow by standardizing and streamlining the process of documenting, sharing, and deploying its scripts. This guards against data loss and saves time by improving code documentation, enhancing code reproducibility, enforcing code hygiene, and empowering data scientists to visualize their projects from a high-level.

Artemis Tour

Below is a brief walkthrough of Artemis to help you visualize what Artemis is and how Artemis works.

Artemis Visualization

Below is a high-level graphical representation of how data science teams may use Artemis.


Dive Deeper

To learn more about the technical details of the different parts of the Artemis platform works, check out our "at a glance" sections:

Documentation Tool at a glance gives you a window into how Artemis makes it incredibly simple to both document your code as well as capture and showcase artifacts generated by your code using our unique visual documentation called Archives.

Archives at a glance gives a more focused preview on Artemis' unique visual documentation called Archives, and covers how these Archives make it incredibly simple to explain code and showcase code artifacts.

Dashboard at a glance previews our online dashboard system which makes it incredibly easy for data science teams to visualize, browse, and share work across their teams.