Artemis At a Glance (Start Here)

Artemis at a Glance

Git-based version control systems are the default means to manage software projects. These allow you to track the evolution of a resource across multiple iterations.

Data projects, on the other hand, require a different framework. Data science teams use many resources, each of which may be employed multiple times to solve a single problem. Documenting data projects requires a new structure — Artemis is that structure.

Artemis enables you to document individual resources and each instance in which these resources are deployed, as many times as that may be. Our resource-instance based approach is what sets us apart. Artemis places equal emphasis on documenting your resources themselves and letting you record the exact details of each resource instance throughout you projects. We understand that recording how a resource is used is just as important as recording that an instance was used.

This video sums up how Artemis is different: