4) Catalog Resources

Adding Resources to your Catalog

The resource catalog is where your team can keep track of every resource employed on a given project. To add a resource to this list, navigate to the catalog and press the green "New Resource" button.


Creating the Resource

As soon as you press the green "New Resource" button, this window will appear asking for its name, type, status and an "overview."

  • Name field — indicate the name of this resource.
  • Type field — indicate what kind of resource you're working with (database, script, model).
  • Overview field — type notes about the resource.

The information provided in these fields does not have to be comprehensive. The next window will provide many more options to document the asset you're adding. Click the green "Create Resources" button when you're ready to move on.


Documenting the Resource

After you press the button to create your resource it will appear as a card in your catalog. Clicking the card will reveal a window like the one seen below where you can document the asset fully, providing enough details to explain each aspect of its purpose and function. Click here to learn about how to fully document an asset with Artemis.


What’s Next