Adding to the Catalog

Adding to the catalog

Adding a resource is very simple. Navigate to the project you're working with, enter the catalog and press the green button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will spawn a modal like the one seen below where you can record information about the item.


Documenting Resources

In order of appearance, here is what each tab on a resource modal does:

1) General Information Tab

This tab contains basic information about the resource like its ID number and name. You can edit some of this information with the green "Edit Details" button and add notes about the resource in the "Overview" section.

2) Content Tab

This is where you can document where your resource is hosted. For scripts this may be a GitHub link. For databases this may be a link to a data warehouse. Resources can be split across multiple locations. The purpose of this tab is to ensure every member of your organization who encounters documentation of the asset in Artemis knows where to find it should they want to dig further.

3) Comments Tab

This is where you and other members of your workspace can leave comments on the resource. Even users who are not approved as editors on the resource can comment.

4) History Tab

Artemis automatically logs every action that affects the resource in question. Every time it's edited, moved, etc. will be recorded here.

5) Instances

Every instance of the resource in question will be listed and linked here. (What's an instance?)

6) General Settings Tab

This is where you can change the permissions of your resource to allow for more editors.