Documentation System

Documentation System

Artemis allows you to automatically generate visual and interactive pieces of documentation for your projects. This documentation is displayed via Archives. These Archives showcase your code alongside a notebook-style document that features both static documentation content that explains your code (Markdown, LaTeX, multimedia, etc.) and runtime artifacts resulting from your code (tables, graphs, slideshows, 3D models, and more).

These Archives are created in two easy steps. First, insert special in-line comments called Anchors into your code. These are used to tell our system what static documentation content to generate and which runtime variables to capture when Artemis runs your code. When your code is run with the Artemis command line utility, our system launches your codebase and uses your Anchors as instructions to automagically generate your Archive in real time.

Artemis provides four types of Anchors to create your Archives. Documentation and Output Anchors are used to create static documentation content and capture artifacts generated by your code during runtime and display them in your Archive. Organization and Control Flow Anchors, allow you customize the presentation format of your archives. If you desire capabilities beyond what is offered by these four Anchors, Artemis also allows you to customize the Anchor system to your own needs.

Documentation anchors allow you to create static content that explains your code, such as Markdown, LaTeX, multi-media, and more. This is well-suited for explaining your code and giving it context.

Output anchors give you the ability to visualize variables generated at runtime in useful forms, such as tables, text, images, graphs, and more. This is ideal for showcasing code artifacts like datasets, intermediate values, and final results.

Organization anchors give you the ability to organize the content of your Archive into distinct customizable cards. Use organization anchors to label, organize, and group portions of your documentation to make it more readable and digestable.

Control Flow anchors allow you to customize the process of generating archives with custom delays and pauses. This allows you to step through your code's execution as it generate your Archive.

Customizable Anchor Properties allow you to expand on existing Anchors to fill any niche. You can create custom fields, special output types, and more.