Archive System

Archive System

Archives are the vehicle for viewing and sharing your Artemis documentation created with Anchors.

Archives display your documentation alongside your code, but rather than being tethered to your codebase, they're completely standalone. Here's how you make one:

  1. Launch a script that contains Artemis anchors. An offline browser window like the one seen below will appear.

  2. Run through the script using the control buttons as you go. Check to ensure it's executing correctly and that your documentation looks how you need it to.

  3. When satisfied, click the blue button at the bottom of the window. This will save an Archive as a small HTML file in your project folder. This Archive can now be sent to new users or uploaded to the Artemis Dashboard but will behave exactly like the window that appeared when you ran your actual script



🟩 Documentation

The column of visual documentation is organized into sections by cards generated by using the @card anchor (Organization Anchors).

Cards can be viewed in an expanded form that displays their content as seen above, this is called flow mode. In context mode, cards appear in the order their respective anchors are found in the underlying code. Cards can also be collapsed and viewed based on user-designated sections. This is called context* mode.

The content of your documentation cannot be changed via the Archive, as it's merely the product of your Anchors.

🟥 Codebase

Artemis presents your script's code on the right side of the Archive window. We do support multifile scripts; as your code executes and encounters Anchors, Artemis will automatically switch to the file containing the Anchor and highlight the relevant code.

Code will also be highlighted if you click on any card — the Archive will tell you which code corresponds with that card. Conversely, if you click on a region of code with an Anchor, the Archive will show you its corresponding card.

🟨 Control Panel

Artemis is controlled through the Control Panel at the bottom of the screen.

  • First green button: runs your code step-by-step from anchor to anchor.
  • Second green button: runs every step at once
  • Yellow button: resets to the top of your script
  • Red button: Exits the Archive
  • Blue button: Creates an Archive using currently entered variables
  • First grey button: Customizes the appearance of the Artemis window
  • Second grey button: Switches your documentation column from flow to context mode