Artemis Visual Environment

The window seen below will appear in your browser after you run Artemis. It has three main sections:

  1. On the right is your code, exactly as you wrote it in your IDE.

  2. The area on the left outlined in green is the space where each of the inputs and output sections generated by your comments will appear. In this example there are two input fields followed by one output field, each indicated with red arrows. The white numbers in the upper right corner of each input/output field indicates which line they're derived from.

  3. The area outlined in yellow is the Control Panel where you can take charge how your code runs. By default, Artemis will stop at each input and output you've created. Press the green button to continue, the yellow button to reset to the top of your program and the red button to close the visual environment.


In the example presented above, you'll notice that the program has only been run down to the 14th line. You can tell because that's the line highlighted in the codebase on the right and the most recent output has a 14 in the upper right hand corner.

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