5) Archive Instances

Archive Instances

The instance archive is where you can track when and how each resource is deployed. Every time a member of your team uses a resource in a project is called an "instance" of that resource and they should record it here. We provide a framework to document the unique conditions of every instance, which other instances it interacts with and how.

The Artemis network is automatically generated from the instance archive and the interactions between instances documented there.

To add your first instance press the green "New Instance" button. To simply create an instance (with no regard for actually documenting it) follow the process outlined here. This will explain how to designate which resource you're making an instance of and make the instance appear in your archive.

To create a fully documented instance, refer to the "Documenting Instances" section of this guide. Here you will learn how to fully document each instance so Artemis can place it on your network.

The process of documenting instances can seem daunting at first but only takes <1 minute once you learn the ropes!