Using Your Dashboard

Using Your Dashboard

This page provides a walkthrough of uploading and downloading scripts to and from your Artemis dashboard.

Adding a New Script

To add a script to your dashboard, simply press the “Add Script” button in the upper right corner of the main window. This will open a window like the one you see below where you can select which Archive System you'd like displayed. Here, you can upload your Archive and name, tag, and fill out important metadata about your script. Sometimes, an item on the dashboard won't require all of these items. That's fine — the only content required to make a post is the Archive.

Finding Your Script On The Dashboard

Now that you've uploaded your script it will appear in searches by tag; you can also find it directly by name. Clicking the script will reveal its archive and metadata.

One Click Install

What goes up must come down; bringing a script from dashboard to desktop is even easier than putting it there. Simply copy the "project ID" of the script you want to run and paste it into our command line utility as seen below.


You're Done

That's all you need to know! The Artemis dashboard is designed with ease of use in mind.